Creating and implementing strategies that empower brands to thrive in the digital landscape

Over the past 7 years, I have helped drive digital growth for organizations of all sizes and diverse industries, including SaaS companies, B2B enterprises, retailers, NGOs, and government entities.

My expertise and experience have enabled me to deliver transformative outcomes, propelling brands towards remarkable achievements in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Are you ready for digital growth? Let's have a chat and explore how I can help you:

Hey there! ????

With a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, along with certifications in Social Media and Data Analysis, I bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the ever-evolving world of digital marketing ????

In the world of social media, I'm a pro at creating content, engaging with the community, and using smart advertising to create excitement, boost brand visibility, and get people involved.

In 7+ years, I've rocked multiple projects at once, mastering diverse tools and tech. But what gets me pumped? Leading digital makeovers! I'm all about seamless implementation of new tools, workflows, and processes to fuel epic transformations.

I'm always on the lookout for exciting projects and opportunities to make a real impact. So, let's connect, get creative, and make digital magic happen. 

I can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!

How can we work together?

Digital Marketing

Looking to establish a strong online presence? I offer a range of services to help your business thrive:

Channel Strategy: I develop effective strategies to reach your target audience through the right channels.

Content Marketing: Engaging content that drives brand awareness and boosts search engine visibility.

Social Media Marketing: Engage followers, build brand loyalty, and drive website traffic through social media.

Email Marketing: Nurturing leads and driving conversions with tailored email campaigns.

Paid Advertising: Instant visibility and targeted reach through social media, display, and programmatic ads.

Let's collaborate to create a strong online presence for your business.

Social Media

Looking to boost your social media presence? I've got you covered with a range of services:

Social Media Strategy: I'll create a customized strategy aligned with your goals.

Paid Social Advertising: Drive targeted traffic with effective campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Content Creation: Engaging posts, images, and videos that reflect your brand's unique identity.

Audits and Reports: Thorough analysis of your social media performance with actionable insights.

Let's collaborate to elevate your social media presence and achieve your business objectives.

Digital Project Management

Looking for efficient digital project management solutions? I offer:

Project Planning and Strategy: Tailored plans and strategies for successful execution.

Resource Management: Optimize resource allocation and enhance team collaboration.

Stakeholder Communication: Consistent and transparent communication for project clarity.

CRM Integration with Marketing Workflows: Streamline processes and automate lead nurturing.

Performance Tracking and Reporting: Detailed reports for data-driven decision-making.

Let's achieve your project goals together with streamlined digital project management.

Check out my portfolio

Explore my portfolio showcasing successful stories and case studies for each of my services. See the tangible results and quality outcomes I deliver.

What do they say about me?


The professionalism and dedication of Romina Marchetti are unparalleled. She made every effort to complete the creation of the official website for my business, and everything was more than excellent. I highly recommend her services for web design and more. I was delighted with her work!

Sofía Hourclé

Linguistic Consultant at GATE


Romina Marchetti is a professional who is passionate about what she does, and her diligence and up-to-date knowledge make her work impeccable and efficient.

Federico Alloco

/ Fundación FabLab Córdoba


If you are looking for a devotion to excellence. If you believe that professionalism is an essential commitment when it comes to doing a job. If you require the ability to empathize with your project. If you need an external collaborator who will far exceed your expectations... do not hesitate any longer, hire Romina Marchetti. Tomorrow, you will be thankful for it.

Sergio Andrada

/ Presidente de Auxilio 24

Currently working from:

Sydney, Australia

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

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